Yearly Intentions - A Word For Manifestation

Sunrise over ocean

As 2022 wraps up, our team at MINT HQ have been reflecting on our 'word'. The one we set at the start of the year as an intention of what's to come. And while every year has its ebbs and flows, triumphs and tragedies, finding that right word is, for us, a single focus. Something we want to manifest over the next 12 months. You might have your own words. Bloom. Heal. Simplify. Abundance. Progress. So while you're thinking of yours, read on to find out ours.

"For us as a brand, the year we launched (waaaay back in 2021) was all about visibility. And so, our word for that year was ‘growth’. What we didn’t anticipate was just how fast that growth would be."

At first, we stocked undies in a garage. But then we sold out at launch. Stocked again. Sold out. And quickly realised we needed something bigger. 

Our first warehouse happened just a few weeks after the Seven Sharp piece where Jeremy Wells came to visit and try on some MINT. Then came the legend that is Taika Waititi talking about his ‘minty balls’. Our epic campaign for men’s mental health alongside Movember which raised nearly $4,500. And the raft of customers buying, sharing (and sniffing) their MINT. We were - and still are - blown away.


Well, despite the initial success, we’ve always been acutely aware that growing too big too fast could do more harm than good because you’d end up with nothing more than a mansion on sticks. Sure, it looks fancy. But one blow from the Big Bad Wolf and the entire house would collapse.

The foundation needed to be strong.

And so, our word for 2022, was ‘foundation’. That meant slowing down, going inwards and weaving our learnings from Year One into our future plans. 

As a result, we’ve grown internally. Researched new fabric blends and waistbands. Moved again for better, easier distribution. Tried to find ways to keep up with demand for our most popular sizes (still a work in progress!). Made sure any action we take moving forward aligns with our core values. And planned for new colours, new ranges, new photoshoots and new stories.

"The awards allowed a moment of celebration and validation."

One highlight was the New Zealand International Business Awards. We were thrilled to be a finalist in the category of Excellence in Brand Storytelling – the youngest brand to be there on the night. It was a chance to get loose, celebrate our achievements, make friends with some cool Kiwis doing extraordinary things ... and sneak some MINT onto the tables.


One thing we have learned is you can't ever stop. No one can escape constant work. And this rings true for all brands. What you put in, you get out. It can be challenging, frustrating, exhausting, but also bloody brilliant, rewarding and incredibly satisfying. So after a year of introspection, research and planning, our word for 2023 is 'movement'. Or should we say, moveMINT?

Keep going. Keep creating. Keep moving and shaking. Movement, whatever the speed, is progress.