Behind The MINT Monogram

It's no secret that your logo is the foundation of your brand. It's the expression of your identity all wrapped up in one small design. And yet, for something so small it holds an enormous amount of significance.

For us, the MINT monogram (our logo and the pattern on our Signature waistband) was inspired by three things: 

The M and W from MINT Wear. The rounded edges of mint leaves (because ... MINT). And traditional Pasifika tattoo that are often marks of respect and cultural identity.

"The MINT monogram merges simplicity and playfulness - a celebration of Kiwi culture and a representation of the co-founders' heritage."

Samoan tatau
Image from Instagram: @greg_semu​​

Two of our co-founders have Samoan tatau.

Rocky Lokeni had his first one done at age 19 by a family friend in a home studio in Papakura:

"I worked on the design with him and it meant something special to me. Culture, heritage and family. Something to wear with pride."

Mint leaves
Image from Pinterest​​

Jerome Kaino had just turned 21 when he visited Samoan Tattooist Joe Brown in his garage in South Auckland:

"I got a shoulder piece with the same patterns that my late uncle had on his leg tattoo, to honour him. We also added a few patterns that acknowledge my genealogy (family) and culture, something that I would always be proud to have on my body."

So there you have it. The MINT monogram isn't just an afterthought. It's a key piece of our brand. If you ever wear MINT with the Signature waistband, we hope you're as proud of the meaning as we are.