02 The MoveMINT


I've always had an issue with body image, as far back as I can remember. I've never really been comfortable with my shirt off at the beach. I can still remember my early high school days where other kids teased me about being bigger, learning how to say 'eat basketballs' in our Italian classes to say to me. 

I have chased fitness goals my entire life, playing basketball at Division 1 level, running half marathons, while also travelling to Thailand to train in Muay Thai a few years ago. Throughout all these years of knowing I'm fit and can compete at a high level, I have still struggled with confidence.

I'm beginning to embrace the challenge of learning to love my own skin, and I am trying to align myself with anyone or anything that does the same. So much of what we see on social media is constructed through photoshop that it's almost impossible to tell what is real and fake anymore. 

The only person we should be competing against is ourselves, no one else should matter, which is always easier said than done. 

I think it's awesome, and give huge props to how MINT Wear is embracing all shapes and sizes and helping blokes become more comfortable in their own skin. I look forward to cheering on anyone else who puts themselves out there, sharing their story and becoming part of the the MoveMINT.