MINT Wear is Aotearoa's first truly inclusive underwear brand for men of all ages and body shapes.

We exist to champion diversity. Carve space for the male body confidence movement. Celebrate Kiwi culture. And offer customers an ethical, sustainable and comfortable alternative to cheap, synthetic materials.

Our ethos is simple: Every Man’s a MINT Man.

In an era of perfection, we want to empower a man from the moment he puts on his underwear. That means freedom to be himself. Embracing his body. Being confident in his own skin. And knowing he is worthy no matter his age, shape, size or lifestyle.

With a focus on quality and comfort, each pair of MINT is handcrafted from a unique blend of 100% organically grown bamboo fabric and GOTS cotton for superior breathability, softness, durability and sustainability.

It’s everything a MINT Man needs to feel confident and free.